Website Maintenance

Dependable Website Maintenance and Programming Services

Professional website maintenance ensures that your site is frequently updated to enhance its aesthetic, attract new visitors, and prevent it from looking dated. Depending on the regular maintenance needs, our team of web programmers will work to update your site’s content, appearance, or product inventory. We can help save you the headache of figuring out how to implement changes to your website by handling all programming, maintenance, and website support.

Our Monthly Website Maintenance Services

With our website maintenance plan, we can ensure that your domain is always up to date and bug-free by creating a monthly action plan to maintain stability. For ecommerce websites or a digital publishing platform, regular website maintenance can be necessary if you are consistently updating products and articles on the backend. Our regular maintenance includes but is not limited to:

  • Adding and Modifying Images
  • Content and Link Updates
  • General Technical Support
  • Web Design and Coding Maintenance
  • Routing Updates and Support
  • Weekly Website Backups
  • Scheduled Ecommerce Backend Maintenance

Any additional web design and maintenance projects are quoted on a case-by-case basis and require an evaluation by our programming team before any changes are made. This is to ensure that the changes will seamlessly integrate with your website and not cause any potential conflicts in the long run. Our job is to make sure you have a robust platform to launch online marketing activities, and our website maintenance support services will give you the reliability you need to succeed online.

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Google, and other search engines, like to see frequent changes to your domain’s pages. It demonstrates to them that your website is constantly monitored, and shows your attempts at maintaining a certain level of digital health. The best, fastest pages get indexed quickly and return faster results, meaning weekly maintenance can be the separating factor preventing you from finally reaching that coveted first page results

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